1st WEEK > Tips for exams, and a motivational song

This first week we've done an activity in pairs matching and discussing the EXAM TIPS on ex. 2 in page 9 from our student's book.

Make sure you are familiar with all the vocabulary:
- carefully
-quiet /noise (noisy)
- "for too long"
- in one go
- find out
- key information
- to worry
- to share
- to "get PLENTY of something"
- confident
- to revise
- to put sth away
- highlight

Then we listened to the song theme in Zootopia movie. Where we found some interesting phrasal verbs:

- keep on
- give up
- mess up
- give in
- get wrong

Make sure you check the meaning and note it down in your notebook.

And the bottom line for us this year:

2017-18, let's get started!

Welcome 2017-18 4th ESO students! 

In this blog you will find:

- material we use in class to check at home (videos, songs, images...).

- instructions for homework.

- details about exams and projects (such as deadlines, requirements, and so on).

- a place to comment and give your opinion.

- answers to exercises done in class, and links to webs to practise at home.

So learn how to find the blog (High School website > Departments > English > Blogs), and look at it every week to be up-to-date. And feel free to write comments (always respectfully).

Recuperació Juny 2017

Recuperació Anglès 4t ESO
Dilluns 19 de juny a les 12.30  (Aula 4t B)
Heu de preparar-vos per aquest examen: -Vocabulari de les unitats 4/5 - “Relationships” - “compound nouns” - “jobs” - “verbs+prepositions” i “adjectives+prepositions”).
-El llistat de verbs irregulars (preguntaré uns quants).
-“Past Simple”  i “Present Perfect”.                                                                       Fer-los servir per separat, i també un exercici de discriminar quan es necessita l’un o l’altre.
-Adjectius comparatius i superlatius.
-1r Condicional.

Hi haurà un “Listening” i un “Reading”.

Enllaços per practicar:
Irregular Verbs
Past simple grammar explanation + exercises
past simple and ago
Present Perfect grammar explanation + exercises
Past Simple vs Present Perfect
comparative and superlative adjectives - grammar explanation

1st Conditional Practice

Here you have the answers for the 1st Conditional worksheet, correct it before the exam.

Put the verb into the correct first conditional form: 1. If I ______go____ (go) out tonight, I ____will go______ (go) to the cinema. 2. If you____get_____ (get) back late, I ___will be_____ (be) angry. 3. If we __don’t  see_ (not / see) each other tomorrow, we __will  see__ (see) each other next week. 4. If he __comes_____ (come), I ____’ll be____ (be) surprised. 5. If we __wait_____ (wait) here, we ___’ll be___ (be) late. 6. If we ___go_____ (go) on holiday this summer, we ____’ll go___ (go) to Spain. 7. If the weather _doesn’t improve__ (not / improve), we _won’t have__ (not / have) a picnic. 8. If I ____don’t go_____ (not / go) to bed early, I _’ll be____ (be) tired tomorrow. 9. If we ____eat_____ (eat) all this cake, we __’ll feel_____ (feel) sick. 10. If you ____don’t want___ (not / want) to go out, I ___’ll cook__ (cook) dinner at home. 11. I ____will come___ (come) early if you ___want___ (want). 12. T…


Remember the last exam we'll do is:

4th ESO A _ Monday 29th May
1st & 2nd Conditional  / Vocabulary: verbs+prep, adjectives+prep

4th ESO B _ Friday 26th May
1st Conditional / Vocabulary: verbs+prep, adjectives+prep

4th ESO C _ Wednesday 24th May
1st Conditional / Vocabulary: verbs+prep, adjectives+prep

Future Simple

Remember, on of the main ways of talking about the future in English is using FUTURE SIMPLE, that is, using WILL + a BASE FORM

I will always love you.
She will go to the beach.
It won't rain tomorrow.  = It will not rain tomorrow.

Will Dad come with me?
Will you still love me tomorrow?

Some old songs to remeber it...
I will always love you - Whitney Houston
Will you still love me tomorrow? - Amy Winehouse

1st Conditional

Video explaining FIRST CONDITIONAL

Examples used in class:

If Alex passes his exams, he will be happy.

If she doesn't pass her exams, she won't go to the beach.

If you are nice and behave this last week, I'll make a cake to eat it in clas…