Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Recuperació Juny 2017

Recuperació Anglès 4t ESO

Dilluns 19 de juny a les 12.30  (Aula 4t B)

Heu de preparar-vos per aquest examen:
-         Vocabulari de les unitats 4/5
-          “Relationships”
-          “compound nouns”
-          “jobs”
-          “verbs+prepositions” i “adjectives+prepositions”).

-         El llistat de verbs irregulars (preguntaré uns quants).

-         Past Simple”  i “Present Perfect”.                                                                       Fer-los servir per separat, i també un exercici de discriminar quan es necessita l’un o l’altre.

-         Adjectius comparatius i superlatius.

-         1r Condicional.

Hi haurà un “Listening” i un “Reading”.

Enllaços per practicar:

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

1st Conditional Practice

Here you have the answers for the 1st Conditional worksheet, correct it before the exam.

Put the verb into the correct first conditional form:
1. If I ______go____ (go) out tonight, I ____will go______ (go) to the cinema.
2. If you____get_____ (get) back late, I ___will be_____ (be) angry.
3. If we __don’t  see_ (not / see) each other tomorrow, we __will  see__ (see) each other next week.
4. If he __comes_____ (come), I ____’ll be____ (be) surprised.
5. If we __wait_____ (wait) here, we ___’ll be___ (be) late.
6. If we ___go_____ (go) on holiday this summer, we ____’ll go___ (go) to Spain.
7. If the weather _doesn’t improve__ (not / improve), we _won’t have__ (not / have) a picnic.
8. If I ____don’t go_____ (not / go) to bed early, I _’ll be____ (be) tired tomorrow.
9. If we ____eat_____ (eat) all this cake, we __’ll feel_____ (feel) sick.
10. If you ____don’t want___ (not / want) to go out, I ___’ll cook__ (cook) dinner at home.
11. I ____will come___ (come) early if you ___want___ (want).
12. They ____will go_____ (go)to the party if they ___are invited___ (be)invited.
13. She ____will stay_____ (stay)in London if she __gets___ (get) a job.
14. He ___won’t get__(not / get) a better job if he ___doesn’t pass__ (not /pass)that exam.
15. I__’ll buy____ (buy)a new dress if I ___have___ (have) enough money.
16. She ___’ll cook__ (cook) dinner if you __go____ (go) to the supermarket.
17. They __will go_____ (go) on holiday if they __have__ (have) time.
18. We __will be___ (be) late if we __don’t  hurry___ (not /hurry).
19. She ___’ll take_ (take) a taxi if it __rains__ (rain).

20. I __won’t go__ (not / go) if you __don’t come___ (not / come) with me.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Remember the last exam we'll do is:

4th ESO A _ Monday 29th May
1st & 2nd Conditional  / Vocabulary: verbs+prep, adjectives+prep

4th ESO B _ Friday 26th May
1st Conditional / Vocabulary: verbs+prep, adjectives+prep

4th ESO C _ Wednesday 24th May
1st Conditional / Vocabulary: verbs+prep, adjectives+prep

Future Simple

Remember, on of the main ways of talking about the future in English is using FUTURE SIMPLE, that is, using WILL + a BASE FORM

I will always love you.
She will go to the beach.
It won't rain tomorrow.  = It will not rain tomorrow.

Will Dad come with me?
Will you still love me tomorrow?

Some old songs to remeber it...
I will always love you - Whitney Houston
Will you still love me tomorrow? - Amy Winehouse

1st Conditional

Video explaining FIRST CONDITIONAL

Examples used in class:

If Alex passes his exams, he will be happy.

If she doesn't pass her exams, she won't go to the beach.

If you are nice and behave this last week, I'll make a cake to eat it in class.

First conditional / Workbook - page 77 answers

Second conditional / Workbook - page 79 answers

Superstitions - 1st Conditional





Tuesday, May 09, 2017

U-5 Exam

For U-5 Exam you need to revise:

- jobs vocabulary (jobs with suffixes: -ist / -er / -or)
- comparatives
- superlatives
- "not as __________ as"
- so / such
- verbs + prepositions & adjectives + prepositions vocabulary

In your workbook you have a grammar revision (p. 74) and a vocabulary list p. 96 (w.b.), check them if you doubt.

Remember you must have done page 37 of your workbook and correct it. Here you have the answer key:

Good luck with the exam!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

More ways to learn English with your mobile - apart from google translator, which is EVIL!

Here you have the link to download a free up to learn PHRASAL VERBS
The phrasal verbs machine

You have animations explaining the meaning of each phrasal verb.

If you like sport, well, football, well, soccer... If you like football a good way to learn English could be using the website that the BBC and the Premier League have created.

Give it a go!
Premier League Website to practise English

But my favourite website to learn English is a musical one... Try listening to your favourite songs!
Lyrics Training

Try them and give me some feedback!

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

St. Jordi 2017 _ Presentation about an English writer

Hello everyone,

PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU SEND ME THE PRESENTATION, it's a compulsory task. Send it to me before Easter.

In your classroom, you have a list of the people who haven't done it yet.

Here you have again the instructions and a guideline to follow if it is really difficult for you.
Sant Jordi’17 

4th ESO                        
English department

Choose a writer who writes in English and make up a Power Point (or Prezzi / Glogster, ...) presentation where you must include:

-         A short biography of the writer
-         His / Her work (so far)
-         Comment on his/her major literary work (or the one you know/ get the most information  about):
●Plot (what is it about)
●Characters (names, appearance, personality….)
●Film adaptations- include your criticism

      - You may also include:

●Quotations, paragraphs you enjoy(ed) most from the book...
● Pictures, drawings, a collage……

You may choose from this list (or chose another one and check with your teacher):

-         Tolkien (author of The Lord of the Rings)
-         Stephenie Meyer (author of the Twilight books)
-         J.K. Rowling (author of the Harry Potter books)
-         C.S. Lewis (author of the Narnia books)
-         R. Riordan (author of the Percy Jackson books)
-         Roald Dahl (author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda and others)
-         Lewis Carroll (author of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Galss)
-         Susan Collins (author of The Hunger Games books)
-         George R.R. Martin (author of the  Game of Thrones books)
-         Stephen King (author of It, Misery, etc.)

“Original” presentation will be appreciated.


Sant Jordi Task 2017, English Writer presentation
Think about a book you like or know about which was written originally in English. Search for information and complete:
BOOK (or SAGA) __________________________________________________

Who was the author?
Name of the autor:______________________________
Place of birth: __________________________________
Date of birth: __________________________________
Any curious/relevant fact about his/her family: _____________________________________________________________________________
Childhood/studies: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Jobs done, when did s/he start writing?
Family life  (Is s/he married? Does s/he have children?
Literary work / Career development
_____________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Achievements / Awards

The Book (or Saga)

Name of the book (or saga) ______________________________________________________
Year of publishing ______________________________________________________________
Plot Summary ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Choose two characters (at least) and describe them.
1.       _________________
Appearance __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Are there any films adaptations?  Have you seen them? What’s your opinion of it?

 Your feelings about the author/ book, why did you choose him/her?

You can include quotes or pictures.