Wednesday, December 06, 2017

From country to city?

The reading in page 21 from our students' book tell us about Chang, a Chinese boy who went from the country to the city to work in a shoe factory.

Here, I'm going to show you two similar stories. Watch both videos and then choose one to do a writing task about it.

1. China Blue is a documentary about a jeans factory in China. Watch the trailer.

CHINA BLUE documentary trailer

Is the begining similar to Chang's story?

Write a short paragraph (50-60 words) describing what you see in the trailer.

2. TV3 piece of news (1-12-17) about Beijing evictions.

Back to the country

Write a short paragraph (50-60 words) about this video.
What's happening? Where? When? Who? Why?

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Working in Fashion

Did you have problems with the video we watched after the exam? Was it too difficult to understand?

Or maybe you think it was interesting and want to have a look at it again...

Here you have it:

What do you think about working in fashion? Do you think it is glamorous? Hard? 
Tell us your opinion!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Before Unit 1 Exam

Hello everyone,

Remember for U-1 Exam you need to revise:

- Vocabulary:
1-Shakira's song phrasal verbs (give up/give in/keep on/mess up/get wrong)
2-Fashion: clothes, jewelery, accessories. (p. 84 from your workbook)
3- Negative prefixes for adjectives. (p. 84 from your workbook)

- Grammar:
1- Present simple vs. present continuous
2- like, love, ... + ________ing

The exam will have a listening, a reading (about fashion, shopping) and a you'll have to write 5-6 lines about your view of fashion, and describing your outfit.

Here you have the workbook answer key. Check your answers.

Revise for the exam!
And remember you must hand in your notebooks on the day of the exam.

Are you a sheerio?

These days we are listening and reading about Ed Sheeran. General information, if you're curious.
Ed Sheeran_ Wikipedia

Some of his songs.

Shape of you _(you've heard it last summer, haven't you?)
Shape of you _lyrics

The A Team _ (a sad song...)
The A team

Castle on the hill_ (love the nostalgia of it, but you're too young to feel nostalgic!)
Castle on the hill

Another hit, this one is a bit older. Love song
Thinking out loud

I really like this one, and if you watch the video, we see some of Ed's problems as a child, remember we read about them in the article?

There are a lot of them, all great to practise your English. Have a look!
Any favourite? Comment.

Friday, September 22, 2017

1st WEEK > Tips for exams, and a motivational song

This first week we've done an activity in pairs matching and discussing the EXAM TIPS on ex. 2 in page 9 from our student's book.

Make sure you are familiar with all the vocabulary:
- carefully
-quiet /noise (noisy)
- "for too long"
- in one go
- find out
- key information
- to worry
- to share
- to "get PLENTY of something"
- confident
- to revise
- to put sth away
- highlight

Then we listened to the song theme in Zootopia movie. Where we found some interesting phrasal verbs:

- keep on
- give up
- mess up
- give in
- get wrong

Make sure you check the meaning and note it down in your notebook.

And the bottom line for us this year:

"I wanna try even though I could fail..."

Listen again, and try to complete the verse we didn't do in class:

last /enough / fast / love

Look how far you've come, you filled your heart with ________________
Baby, you've done ___________, take a deep breath
Don't beat yourself up, don't need to run so _________
Sometimes we come ________________, but we did our best

"Try Everything" Shakira

Can you get the meaning of this las verse? We'll comment in class.

If you haven't seen the film, have a look at the trailer to get an idea of what it is about.

Zootopia - Trailer

What's a "slooth"?

2017-18, let's get started!

Welcome 2017-18 4th ESO students! 

In this blog you will find:

- material we use in class to check at home (videos, songs, images...).

- instructions for homework.

- details about exams and projects (such as deadlines, requirements, and so on).

- a place to comment and give your opinion.

- answers to exercises done in class, and links to webs to practise at home.

So learn how to find the blog (High School website > Departments > English > Blogs), and look at it every week to be up-to-date. And feel free to write comments (always respectfully).

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Recuperació Juny 2017

Recuperació Anglès 4t ESO

Dilluns 19 de juny a les 12.30  (Aula 4t B)

Heu de preparar-vos per aquest examen:
-         Vocabulari de les unitats 4/5
-          “Relationships”
-          “compound nouns”
-          “jobs”
-          “verbs+prepositions” i “adjectives+prepositions”).

-         El llistat de verbs irregulars (preguntaré uns quants).

-         Past Simple”  i “Present Perfect”.                                                                       Fer-los servir per separat, i també un exercici de discriminar quan es necessita l’un o l’altre.

-         Adjectius comparatius i superlatius.

-         1r Condicional.

Hi haurà un “Listening” i un “Reading”.

Enllaços per practicar:

From country to city?

The reading in page 21 from our students' book tell us about Chang, a Chinese boy who went from the country to the city to work in a sho...